Bathroom Inspiration: Beautiful Interiors

Every home should have a little bit of luxury, in the form of a tranquil and calming bathroom. Your bathroom should be a space to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A place to unwind, find time to work through your own thoughts, or just chill with a good book or some relaxing music.

The interior design of your bathroom can dramatically effect how you feel when you step inside. Just a few simple updates can create a tranquil space that will become your sanctuary…

Calming Colours…

One of the key elements to creating a bathroom that adds a little bit of everyday luxury to your life is the colour palette. Colour in your environment has a huge effect on your mood, so if you’re looking to create a calming space, it’s important to choose colours that induce relaxation.

Try combining white with grey, adding warm touches of pink and copper. White walls will help keep the space bright and feel spacious, while grey tones in the form of wall and floor tiles will add that depth that’s needed to make the room feel warm and cosy.

Copper touches such as a copper thermostatic shower and taps will add a touch of luxury, while bringing further warmth to the room. Add blush pink towels and blooms to add a splash of colour and personality. Finally, consider a fixture or two in warm wood, or a few wood accessories to add a natural element to the scheme.

Light and Airy…

You can’t go far wrong with white in a bathroom. While not so long ago, a lot of white in interiors was considered to be a little clinical, today the benefits of white in interiors are widely recognised. Ideal for the smaller of bathrooms that perhaps do not benefit from a lot of natural light, there are a few simple ways in which you can make the room feel much bigger and brighter.

Try painting walls and ceilings white, and opting for white tiles too. Metro tiles in white reflect the light – try grey grout to create a striking brick effect. Add interest and make the room appear bigger with a patterned tile and increase natural light with mirrors. A great way to increase storage space and light levels is with a mirrored cabinet.

Bring the whole scheme to life by adding a few plants, and accessories such as light grey towels and a gold terrarium. Keep the whole scheme light and focus on making the room feel bigger and bright.

Cosy and Quirky…

Bigger bathrooms can take dark colours, bold prints and lots of accessories. If you want your large bathroom to feel warm and cosy, considering adding dark shades so that it doesn’t feel like a big empty space, and instead feels like somewhere you can really wind down on a cold winter’s evening. Try deep greys, blues or greens on the walls, paring with tiles in similar tones.

Add lots of soft furnishings – a chaise lounge or window seat under the window with thick and fluffy towels stacked up on one end, or a blanket draped over a simple wooden chair. Try adding brass candle holders in different shapes and sizes and lots of plants in matching brass pots.

Whether you’ve got a large bathroom that you want to feel cosier, or a small bathroom that needs brightening up, it’s possible to add a luxurious feel to any bathroom. It’s all about the detail and establishing exactly how you want your bathroom to feel before you plan your scheme. Above all, bathrooms should be calming and tranquil – a space where you can go to be by yourself and take some well deserved me time.