How to Choose the Right Sofa Bed For Your Home

Before going on a shopping trip for a luxury sofa bed, read this handy list of what to keep an eye out for

Nights are getting longer and Christmas is drawing nearer. That means it’s the festive period — and you’re probably thinking about hosting a few more guests than normal. You want your loved ones to be cosy and content, and there is no better way of making them feel at home than offering them a soft, luxury sofa bed to sleep on during their stay.

A woman relaxing on a sofa bed

At the same time, you want to keep your own tastes and preferences in mind. After all, when you invest in a piece of furniture, you want it to reflect your own style and you want to love coming home and seeing it every day.

So, how do you go about finding the right sofa bed for your home? Our team here at Glossy Home have put their heads together and collected some top expert tips on how to make the right decision.

Measure your room and decide how big you want your sofa bed to be

Even if you desperately want a large, comfy sofa, it’s important for you to take into consideration the size of your living room. If you have a modest living space, having a huge couch could overwhelm the room and make it look cluttered. This will result in the room looking even smaller than it truly is.

Take some time to consider what is practical and how big you want your sofa to be. Do you want a two-seater or a three-seater? Do you want an L-shaped sofa that folds out into an amazing queen-sized bed? Grab your tape measure and make a note of exactly how big you would like your sofa bed to be before pressing on to the next stage.

Choose the material for your sofa bed

Another important consideration is the type of material you want your sofa bed to be made from. White linen is a great material and very soft to the touch, but is quick to wrinkle and stain. Cotton, on the other hand, can withstand fading and a lot of wear, but it can stain easily. Some people like to make use of synthetic fibres, such as vinyl, acrylic and polyester. At Glossy Home, we have a range of luxury leather sofas, which are incredibly soft and easy to wipe clean. Do your research and find the perfect material for you and your lifestyle.

Contemporary sofa bed? Luxury sofa bed? Pick your style

As we mentioned before, your own individual style is such an important consideration when choosing the right sofa bed for you. You want to fall in love with your couch and have it with you for the unforeseeable future — you don’t want to experience a pang of buyer’s remorse every time you see it (or sit on it).

Always keep your interests and tastes in mind. Are you a laid-back, casual type of person who favours comfort above all else? Or a modern urbanite who loves the look of sharp edges and clean colours? If it’s the latter, you’d be much happier with a contemporary sofa bed.

Do you have family pets? Keep them in mind when shopping

Remember your furry friends when picking your sofa bed. If you have a cat, you should opt for materials that cats don’t scratch. You can also find materials that don’t attract dog and cat fur, so you won’t have to spend hours brushing your sofa before your friends come around. You could even look for materials that are easily washable and aren’t so susceptible to stains. Taking all this into account could save you serious frustration in the long run!

Opt for a custom-made sofa bed and have the whole couch tailored to suit you

You’re probably wondering how you are going to find a sofa bed that will somehow, magically, encompass all the features above. How will you find a sofa that is just the right size and exactly the right material? How are you going to find the couch that looks just like the one you saw on your favourite TV show?

The reality is that you probably won’t find your perfect sofa in your local furniture shop. It might not exist, or you could take years trying to find it. That means it’s time for a custom-made sofa bed, where you get to pick every last detail of your new piece of furniture. You’ll be surprised at how cost-effective they can be, whilst getting exactly the right sofa for you — and one that you will want to keep and cherish forever.

At Glossy Home, we help our customers find the right luxury sofa beds to suit their lifestyle and preferences. If you’d like to find out more about what we can do for you, call us on 0800 999 8785 or email us on